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Flatstock 24 during South By Southwest in Austin, TX

Wowweeee, it’s been a year since I went to my first Flatstock in Austin as a vendor. I liked it so much I went to the other ones (Chicago and Seattle) and only a few days ago, I went to and finished my second Austin Flatstock.

I love Flatstock because it’s my definition of a holiday. Surrounded by friends and colleagues. Meeting, greeting, and chatting it up with tons of different people. Networking with industry professionals. Seeing cool bands. Selling posters, living life, and mixing it up. Also, Austin is simply wonderful. I love going there.

Sales were great and I made some new friends. I didn’t really see too many bands because I had to work on freelance projects. Don’t feel bad though, soon I will be revealing lots of new work. I had a great time and parts of that great time involved Nicolas Cage marathons, ball pits, rattlesnake and elk hot dogs, inflating poly tubes, and documenting everything.

Here are some videos I shot:

Good Times via Justin’s Indoor Ball Pit In his House:

How I Boost Sales by Crippling the Competition:

Hi Speed Walkthrough of the Flatstock 24 Vendor Floor:

Various photos of my time in Austin:

I’ll be back in Austin in May for Renegade Craft Fair. Thanks to everyone who was there (vendors and visitors) for helping me have a time most awesome.

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