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“My Tetris Heart Longs for Your Push” Sales Info AND “Multiplayer” Photos

NOTE: This print is currently sold out. Thanks so much for trying to get one. I won’t be selling them online anymore and I do not do reprints. If you know how I roll, I always save prints for live events to sell in person, so please check back later for a schedule of events.

Have you ever tried to explain to your friends what a girl with a heart being assembled to life via Tetris parts would look like, but words were failing you? Well, those problems will soon be behind you because I am now offering that very concept in visual poster form!

“My Tetris Heart Longs for your Push” is my contribution to the hugely successful “Multiplayer” group art show inspired by video games. The turnout was amazing and many prints including mine sold out at the show and online.

“My Tetris Heart-” will be available for sale later today (1/17/11) at my online store. It will be released at a random time.

The prints are four colors (with split fountain) and screen printed on 18 x 24 inch 100 lb white cover paper in an edition of 100. They are all signed and numbered by me. The price for each will be $50 with shipping automatically added during checkout. ($6 domestic, $10 international, flat rate on multiple orders of the same or different prints)

The show opening was packed. The only thing more incredible than the wrap around line to get in was the caliber of art inside. The entire show was really solid, with all the artists bringing their best to the table.

I did my best to cover the show as much as possible. I made this video to give you an idea of what that night was like.

Here’s another cool video with artists interviews courtesy of COIN-OP TV:

To see all the photos, please visit the flickr photo set I created.

The show will stay up until 2/4/11 at 1988 Gallery in Venice, CA.

Just about everyone involved in the show are good friends of mine (the artists, 1988, OMG) that I talk to on a regular basis. I know how hard everyone worked to make it happen, so please help them all out by spreading the word about “Multiplayer”.

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  • _oo_Gwen_oo_

    January 17, 2011 at 4:20 am

    Definitively one of my favorites … :)

  • Mike

    January 18, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    Great poster! I just missed out picking it up, though. Do you ever release your works as jpg, I think “My Tetris Heart Longs for Your Push” would look great as my iPad wallpaper!

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