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I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, but I couldn’t be happier to finally show off some photos and describe the process behind the GRAVITY OST packaging I designed.

Steven Price truly mastered the music on this one. The movie was fantastic, inspirational, and extremely dynamic and when I listen to his work, I get the same intense feeling the movie gave me. The album is available and shipping now from Mondo. Variant color records are randomly inserted into orders.


The cover is from the GRAVITY poster I did when the movie first came out. The poster was really well received by people who worked on GRAVITY. Their support makes is extremely overwhelming.

GRAVITY_0000_Layer 1

With the cover, my thinking was to evoke the sense of immediate danger and chaos associated with the movie. For the interior however, I chose to go for the overarching beauty of key moments in the film.


Though the Earth, filling the entire gatefold spread, looks tranquil, there’s a subtle hint at the ever present danger of space. In the corner, there’s the Shenzhou space capsule and the ISS space debris burning up on reenty.

GRAVITY_0001_Layer 0

The poster I did for GRAVITY had no true orientation, to reflect the disorientating feeling that a lack of gravity creates. I saw no reason why I couldn’t try to bring this into the vinyl packaging as well, so for the labels on the actual vinyl records, the imagery is designed to spin with the record and remind the listener of weightlessness in space. The imagery on the two disc labels is spun from the notion that weightlessness can be dangerous in the cold vacuum of space and also freeing in the safe confines of the space exploration shelters humans make.

GRAVITY_0001_Layer 1

GRAVITY_0000_Layer 2

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