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“A Linch Pin Droid” Photos, new RANT Design, and LOST LIVE Game Reminder!

UPDATE: Mondotees has sold out of “A Linch Pin Droid”. Thanks so all the people who successfully bought this print and sorry to those that weren’t able to grab one. I WILL be selling a few copies on my site really soon, but I need to work out the details before I can announce anything. A blog post will be made here before the prints go on sale. The prints I will be selling are the only ones that will be signed and numbered by me.

For much of yesterday (Tuesday, 11/23/10), I was practically camping near my front door, waiting for my “A Linch Pin Droid” R2D2 prints to arrive via Fedex. As soon as I got the package, I ran inside and began cutting open the box.

Opening the package was like opening Pharoh’s Sarcophagus. All packages from the printer (DNL) are like that, as they rightly should be. Cardboard, tape, bubble wrap, tape, more cardboard, more bubble wrap, more tape, then butcher paper, and finally………..THE PRINTS!

I’ve opened many packages of my prints and it is always breathtaking to see my ideas and concepts go from inhabiting my mind to inhabiting a stack of papers.

This time, the feeling was ineffable. I pulled the top one out and stood there, locked into the color, the texture, the fresh ink and cut paper smell. The moment was so beautiful, it was sickening.

Oh my god, I thought; that hairline registration, that subtle ink elevation under the trapping, the vibrant colors that mirrored exactly the color proofs I sent the printer. It was a lot like that scene in American Psycho, when Bateman realizes Paul Allen’s card is better than his own card.

My vision started blacking out and I realized I had forgotten to breathe.

Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself, in this nifty photo slide show I put together.

Get the flash player here:

I even took photos of the glow in the dark inks, but please keep in mind that I used a black light so I could photograph it. With darkness alone, only the bright green and blue lines glow. Also, remember that the border area is metallic silver, so if it looks like a color in the photos, it’s just reflecting the surroundings. With a black light, the print really comes alive, like a true Star Wars tactical display.

Please be sure to check out the blog post I made about this print, complete with a process video if you haven’t seen it already. This print will go on sale Friday 11/26/10. Please check Mondo for more info on that.

AND, because an R2D2 art print apparently wasn’t enough for one week, I have another pretty big design that just got released.

My newest design for author Chuck Palahniuk’s book is for RANT. Previously, I did designs for his books Fight Club and Invisible Monsters.

As these designs go, they are made into high quality t-shirts and sold at, where there is currently a presale happening.

Pretty soon, I’d say early December (2010), I will have limited edition screen printed posters of this design for sale. When that happens, I’ll post about it in this blog and my usual channels.

LASTLY… (and thanks if you’re still reading this!) My LOST Live Game and Fundraiser is still going on, through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, the weekend, and Monday, until Tuesday (11/30/10). It’s a great way to buy official LOST themed posters (some with doodles), enter to win slamming prizes, and help victims of flooding, ALL AT ONCE. There’s still one more prize, the big one, to be unlocked.

A blog post that details the game and prizes can be found here.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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