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UPDATE: All 12 posters are sold out online. Thank you!

UPDATE: All the posters are currently up for sale on my website

The show at the Mondo Gallery during SXSW with Martin Ansin was a blast. In addition to hanging with my friends and doing work for films with personal significance, I also got to share a space with an illustrator that I respect immensely.

I wanted to share some exclusive backstory on the posters as well as sales information. BUYERS: To ensure the most streamlined checkout process, please make sure your paypal information is updated and accurate. THANKS!


24 x 36 Inch screen print with metallic inks, signed and numbered (artist’s copies). Available 5/13/14 at a random time. Limit one of each per household. The REGULAR Version is $65 and The VARIANT version is $75

SXSW_0000_Layer 1

I’m a huge fan of Shane Carruth, so I wanted the poster to reflect themes in the film. As I worked on the poster, (it was the second to last one I finished for the show), I was getting ragged, but I found the narrative to be quite nourishing to my soul. I kept whispering “Upstream Color” to myself as I found those words felt really good to say and the lines from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden spoken throughout the film were incredibly refreshing, so every poster has one of four random Walden quotes that were mentioned in the movie printed very minutely on the right side. There’s no way to know what you’ll get until the package arrives!


24 x 36 Inch screen print with metallic inks, signed and numbered (artist’s copies). Available 5/13/14 at a random time. Limit one of each per household. The PSYCHO poster is $80


Psycho is a well celebrated film and there have been many posters, so I wanted mine to have an extra layer of relation to the film. As I researched it, I read about the controversy of who directed the infamous shower scene, iconic designer Saul Bass or Alfred Hitchcock. While reading about it, I never came to a definite conclusion, but I did see that Saul Bass storyboarded it, so it was at least in part his idea. That’s how I came up with my design. I picked six pivotal moments in the shower scene and laid out the poster like a storyboard of the entire scene.


24 x 36 Inch screen print, signed and numbered (artist’s copies). Available 5/13/14 at a random time. Variant is limit one of each per household. The REGULAR version is $65 and The VARIANT version is $90


When the show was renewed for a third season, I was so excited. It’s a fantastic show despite its struggle in the ratings. The imagery is so beautiful and bleak, even when it depicts horrific things. My main goal was to make a poster that from across the room, would look majestic and regal. Upon closer inspection however, the gruesome horror would be realized.


24 x 36 Inch screen print with metallic inks, signed and numbered (artist’s copies). Available 5/13/14 at a random time. Limit one per household. The Scott Pilgrim Poster is $70.


For years, Edgar Wright has been very supportive of both me and illustrated movie posters. “Scott Pilgrim- ” is one of his best films and I wanted to cherish all the things I like about it; the visual style, the music, the fight scenes, the romantic angst, and the humor. That film seriously has it all.


24 x 36 Inch screen print with metallic inks, signed and numbered (artist’s copies). Available 5/13/14 at a random time. Limit one of each per household. The REGULAR version is $65 and The Variant version is $80


Before starting this poster, I did a marathon viewing of the first three Alien movies and I realized something I hadn’t before. Those movies take place over the majority of a century, so Ellen Ripley has spent most of her life in cryogenic sleep and the times she is awake, she’s fighting these horrifying creatures. The only moments she’s tranquil and at peace are in the sleep chambers; her real life is the nightmare. I felt compelled to instill the nightmare concept to the poster, so I added the part of her on the top to contrast the sheer terror of the rest of the illustration. The green (regular) and orange (variant) color came about because I worked to depict the initial encounter and when she fires the bombs into the nest.


24 x 36 Inch screen print with metallic inks, signed and numbered (artist’s copies). Available 5/13/14 at a random time. Limit one of each per household. The REGULAR version is $75 and The VARIANT version is $85


This poster began two years before it was actually debuted. I kept chipping away at it and stopping to take on other work. There was always a deliberate plan to hand draw the Kansas part and digitally draw the Oz part, to create a feeling of separation between the two worlds. This is the most traditional pen and ink drawing I have ever done for anything, ever.


24 x 36 Inch screen print with metallic inks, signed and numbered (artist’s copies). Available 5/13/14 at a random time. The REGULAR Version is $50 and The VARIANT version is $60


While not an expected choice compared to the vast array of more well known films within my reach, I wanted to bring attention to The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari. I always have a soft spot for under appreciated masterpieces. Within the film community, it’s well known, often making top ten lists of greatest films ever made, but the average person has at best, only heard of it, which is understandable. Whenever I watch it and compare it to all the films that were being released during that period, it was so far ahead of it’s time and really encapsulates what great films should be all about.

If you would like to see photos of all these posters, please check out my flickr photo set

Also, I’m very thankful that I got to share the gallery with my friend Martin Ansin. His work is amazing and it motivated me to push myself harder and try new things.

Optimus Prime Prints

January 9, 2013

UPDATE: The Optimus Prime posters are now sold out online. Thanks.

UPDATE: The Optimus Prime prints are currently up for sale.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, holidays, and New Year’s. Not much on this end, I just went into hibernation for a bit.

My Optimus Prime prints will soon be available at a random time on 1/9/13 on my website.

Only the Regular Color Version will be for sale online. The price is $80 (plus $7 US shipping, $12 International Shipping). The poster is a six color screen print on 24 x 36 inch 100 lb White Cover Paper with metallic inks, a limited edition of 100. Mine are signed and numbered as AP’s.

This poster is part of Acidfree Gallery’s Transformers Series, officially licensed from Hasbro.

To see more photos of this poster, including shots of the Variant, please check out my flickr photo set.

UPDATE: The Superlab poster is currently sold out online.

UPDATE: The Superlab – Breaking Bad posters are currently for sale.

What a whirlwind this Breaking Bad poster experience has been! I’ve been fortunate enough to receive a lot of positive feedback and inquiry regarding this poster and I am finally putting it up for sale on my website.

NOTE: Due to travels (see below) this poster can be ordered on 8/5/12, but it won’t ship until late September.
THE SUPERLAB is a two color screen print on 12 x 36 inch 100 lb Cream Cover Paper, in an edition of 300, all of which are signed and numbered. The price is $120, with $7 US and $12 International shipping. They will be for sale at a random time on 9/5/12 at my online store. LIMIT ONE PER HOUSEHOLD.

It wasn’t until later that I was brought into this series, but I was more than happy to join in. Why wouldn’t I right? Great series for the best show on TV right now, great artists/friends like Daniel Danger, Rich Kelly, Justin Santora, Tom Whalen and Ken Taylor, you name it.

The idea came because I noticed that much of the show was Walt criticizing people about not “respecting” the chemistry (Gus, Gale, especially Jesse) and I recalled a lab safety and procedure poster that was on the wall in my chemistry class.

Hours upon hours were spent watching and rewatching the show, taking notes and watching behind the scenes featurettes. All of the machines labeled in the Superlab section are plucked from the show and Mark Freeborn, the show’s production designer. True to geek form, I crammed in as many references from the show as possible.

Below is a slide show with additional photos of the poster and soem photos from the Breaking Bad Poster Series Wrap Party (not really sure if that’s what it was called, that’s what I’m calling it)


I have two craft fair events coming up in September. If you’ve missed out on any sales, you might just find what you’re looking for at my booth (or find something else, there are a lot of great vendors there).

A reckless and torrid love affair is what I have with the windy city. Renegade Craft Fair boasts hundreds of vendors as well as food, drinks, and workshops.
– September 8+9, 2012 from 11am-7pm each day
– Along Division Street in Wicker Park
– Renegade Craft Fair is always free

Last year, I went to London for this event and I loved it. The city and it’s people are my type of crowd for sure. If you’re a Londoner and have ever wanted one of my posters, but cringed at the duty taxes on imported goods, DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE, I’LL BE THERE!
– September 15+16, 2012 from 11am-6pm each day
– At the Old Truman Brewery
– Renegade Craft Fair is always free

UPDATE: The Black Keys Poster is sold out.

UPDATE: The Iron Giant Jointed Figure is sold out.

UPDATE: The Black Keys Poster, LEGO Lord of the Rings Poster, and Iron Giant Jointed Figure are all up for sale now.



This limited edition poster is a four color screen print on 18 x 24 inch 100 lb Cream Cover Paper. I am selling signed and numbered prints (edition of 285, the majority of them were sold at Lollapalooza) in my online store for $45 each at a random time on 8/23/12. Please make sure your paypal shipping address is updated and accurate.

To see more photos of the Black Keys Lollapalooza poster, please check out my Flickr photo set.


This limited edition poster is a four color screen print on 24 x 36 inch 100 lb White Cover Paper. I am selling signed and numbered AP prints (edition of 225) for $70 each at a random time on 8/23/12. Please make sure your paypal shipping address is updated and accurate.

To see more photos of the LEGO Lord of the Rings poster, please check out my Flickr photo set.


This limited edition figure is fully jointed, glow in the dark, and includes accessories (Hogarth, screw, Superman S), bag & header card, and a swivel head that goes from good to evil and back again. It is a 15″ x 32″ screen print on Chip Board. I am selling these in my online store for $85 each at a random time on 8/23/12. The figure and accessories come prepackaged and will be shipped flat (no additional shipping fees). No international orders. Please make sure your paypal shipping address is updated and accurate.

To see more photos of the Iron Giant Jointed Figure, please check out my Flickr set.

Mondo also posted some really great process photos on their blog.

If you haven’t listened to Adventures in Design yet, it is great podcast about all things design and illustration, and I was interviewed for the most recent episode (Episode 13). Check it out!

I got the awesome opportunity to see Flight of the Conchords in concert at the Hollywood Bowl on May 30, 2010. As expected, they were hilarious. They played all my favorite songs and even some new material. The show was totally sold out and packed, but I was lucky enough to be able to sit close to the front.

The opening acts were Kristen Schaal, Arj Barker, and Eugene Mirman. Arj came back towards the end to do some cameo singing in some of the songs.

Photographing and filming the event was hard because the Hollywood Bowl has this weird lighting that keeps making everything look blown out. I could only get clear photos when the lights went down.

At the end of the show, they ran around into the audience, evading security. It was so unreal because I looked away for a second and suddenly they are right there in front of me.

Sadly, I forgot to charge my battery, so my camera died during my favorite song, “Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor”. That song deals with one of the most real and terrifying issues that victimizes men and women all over the world and I wake up every morning hoping the it will become our national anthem.

I took some photos, all of which can be seen in my Flickr Photo Sets.

Here are some videos of the concert:

UPDATE: Due to scheduling conflicts with upcoming events and projects, I need to delay the Flight of the Conchords posters. So sorry, but it’s worth the wait, these posters will be so amazing!

This is a first look at my newest poster for Flight of the Conchords. I had so much fun working on it because I had to watch the series over and over again to nail all the props. I think this might have been the most time consuming poster I have worked on or at least in the top five.

Here be some data:
The poster is 18 x 24 inches on steel gray French Cover Paper, 100 lb. screen printed with five colors. The posters will be available in a separate edition for the show first (In Amsterdam) and my edition has yet to be determined, but it will be small, 80 or less. Mine will be on sale on my website in around late May.

The fun doesn’t stop here, nooooooo. In addition to having a prop or costume from almost every episode, these posters have an additional dimension of fun. When cut along the red dashed lines, every prop and costume fits on their respective characters. You can even mix and match some, i.e., hybrid Humans Are Dead and Ladies of the World.

I can’t wait to play with my own poster. There, I said it, and yes, I meant it.

Howdy. I am giving a guest lecture on poster design for Rick Reese’s Production for Fine Art Class (ART 382). I will discuss aspects of design, lettering, and composition in an effective poster. I will probably discuss some other stuff too, but who knows!??!?!

Please feel free to drop by if you’re in the area, here is the info.

Time: 1:00 PM
Date: Tuesday, 2/9/10
Classroom: Computer Lab, 3rd Floor
Building: FA4 (Fine Arts Building)

California State University, Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90840

See maps, parking info, and directions.
The campus number is (562) 985-8442
Check out the Visitor Information Center if you need more.

Remember, learning is fun.

Thanks to everyone who has followed “The Hatch” in the Lost Viral series. I appreciate the support, the sales, and the overall madness I have experienced from the poster scene, LOST fans, and those who are new to both. I have been getting a lot of “How did you do that?” and “How is this thing screen printed?” in emails and on forums/comments. Like I promised on the day of the sale, here’s your big surprise!

For those of you who have ordered, no worries, your posters should start arriving today or in the coming days as they were shipped 48 hours ago. Here they all are, packed into the tall boxes, along with my usual orders. The Post Office fears me.

THE HATCH: Making This Thing

Well, as you may know from interviews, I was contacted by the Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear Team to do the poster in April of 2009. The scene I was given was the scene on the episode entitled: Deus Ex Machina, episode 19, season one.

Personally, I feel like I was given the best scene. If I could choose any scene, from any episode, that would have been it. There’s so much emotion, intensity, and conflict in that very scene. I remember how gripping the ending of that episode was.

I wanted my poster for the series to be dark, complex, and a representation of the hopelessness and wonder that Locke (the character in that scene) must have felt. Though he is stuck on an island with the other survivors and “The Others”, I have always felt that Locke stood apart and alone, fighting his own personal battle, both with the island and his past.

Like everything art, it started with a sketch. I usually hate sketching and avoid it when I can. Mentally, I nail down how I want it to look and go right to final. This was a pretty heavy task though, so I took some time to sketch out a rough draft.

Though “The Hatch” is more complicated than any poster I have done, I used the same materials make it. From the left: My trusty MAC computer, my art kit (pens, pencils, brushes, eraser), my Wacom computer tablet (I don’t own a mouse), and Bristol Board for drawing and inking. I drew on the board, inked my drawings, scanned them in, and used Adobe Photoshop to adjust and fill in the colors. I drew everything bigger (at least 50 percent bigger) so that the details would look crisp.

Here are the original drawings I made.

“The Hatch” is screen printed onto white paper with seven distinct colors. Each color is printed one at a time, on on top of the other, to form the complete image. Below, I have spread out the individual colors or screens, and below that, I have shown how they go on top of each other, resulting in a complete image. This process was all planned by me as I was drawing and coloring it.

Once it was all done, the result came out exactly how it looked in my head. Here are some super close ups. “The Hatch” uses overprinting, where colors are mixed with transparent bases to make them overlay on top of each other, resulting in other colors. The process makes the inks lighter and gives the poster a luminous feeling, rather than a flat color feeling, which is what the poster actually is, flat colors.

All in all, it was a wild ride. Thanks again, Kevin Tong, signing out.

Everything is set. Thanks so much for ordering. I wish there was more to go around, but it is what it is. I appreciate everyone following the procedures and helping me help you. I really hope that those of you who didn’t get one that wanted one can find a way to get one without getting too screwed over.

While going through orders, I noticed that some of you live eerily close to me. I would like to offer you a chance to pick up the posters that you ordered if you prefer. If you ordered a poster and prefer to pick it up (faster, safer, sure fire) we will work out a shipping refund, please email me at colt83 at gmail dot com with “I would like to arrange a pickup” in the title. Please do so by about this time tomorrow. If not, shipping is totally fine too.

As for American orders, I will refund you the $5 extra (see the previous updates), please be patient as there are many orders to sift through. I plan to do it in a few days.

I’ll have a special surprise for any Hatch fans on this blog later this week (sorry, it’s not “The Hatch”, those are seriously gone). Thanks again. Thanks, thanks, thanks. Please keep an eye out for future interviews and posts (there’s a new one at LostBlog right now)
take care, and all the best.

UPDATE: Please check your email (the one associated with your paypal account/transaction). If you do not see a refund email, THEN YOU ARE SAFE! Several refunds had to be made because despite setting the inventory, paypal let a few slip by before capping it off. Which orders got refunds was determined by who came after the first 45 orders. I am really sorry for those of you who got refunds or didn’t make it in time. I will be adding more updates tonight, so please check back in here.

UPDATE: Thanks for everyone who jumped in to buy a print. I am sorry that some of you missed it. I have been getting a flood of emails about this sale and I need everyone to just relax while I work out the numbers. The less emails I have to read, the faster I can have answers for you all. Please check this blog post before emailing/messaging me. Thanks again.

UPDATE: The poster will appear on the far left of the side scrolling store. There is no link other than the one mentioned below. Don’t bother with back end stuff (cheaters!), the code will not exist until the moment of the sale.

UPDATE: It seems almost unanimous, I will change the option to $215, no shipping cost. If you live in the US and managed to get a poster, I will offer you a $5 refund, please just give me some time after (like a week or two). When you see “The Hatch” appear in my store, just buy it straight up. Thanks again for all the support. Here’s a message from me and Olly Moss:

UPDATE:After some consideration and comments/emails sent to me, I do realize that with every second making or breaking a sale, having a drop down menu can be a downer. Sorry this is so late in the game. I can consider just making everything $215, regardless of where you are. All you do is click BUY. Please post if the comments if you are for or against this, obviously before 12 pm PST. Just trying to be as helpful as I can be.

UPDATE: I strongly suggest that once you have the item in your cart that you check out and make the purchase immediately. I am not sure if adding it to your cart will hold it, but purchasing it is a surefire way to secure your copy of “The Hatch”.

UPDATE: I have had some inquiries about the shipping cost. If you do not select the proper cost for where you live ($210 USA, $215 everywhere else), I WILL cancel the order and return the item to the inventory. I will not adjust or take later payments. PLEASE do not try to order more than one poster, the order will be canceled. If you successfully ordered a poster and do not get a refund email in two hours, then you are good to go, just sit back and relax. Before emailing me with questions, please refer to this blog post as I will issue updates.

UPDATE: I have heard from other artists selling their Lost Posters that the high demand can compromise the inventory control. There is a possibility of overselling and refunds will be issued in that eventuality.

UPDATE: Since this item is going to be fully insured, I will need to declare the full value ($200) on this item on the customs form. If you are an international buyer, it will mean that you need to pay taxes on it. Normally I try to help you guys out, but in this case, every step needs to be taken to ensure the security of these prints.

I have been getting about five emails per hour since the new year began asking when I’m going to sell “The Hatch”. I appreciate the support, I have been really busy with work and moving, so I haven’t been as quick to the draw as other artists.
Well. . . . . .

It will be sold at MY ONLINE STORE at

Here are the details:
The price is $200 each. Upon purchasing, please use the drop down box to select international or domestic shipping. Domestic Shipping is $10 and International Shipping is $15. This specific price increase in shipping is because “The Hatch” will be shipped with extra steps to ensure the print’s protection and shipping insurance will be added to all packages. Only 45 will be sold.

Only one print per customer. Any order for more than one poster will be canceled and returned to the inventory. Please allow for up to ten days for your poster to ship. Once it ships, a confirmation email will be sent to the email associated with your paypal account. Posters will not be held or reserved for anyone. Only payments will be accepted. eChecks and unconfirmed payments will be canceled.

My goal is to make this as fair for everyone as possible.

Here are some things you can do to make sure your purchase goes off without a hitch.

1. Make sure you have the right time zone figured out.

2. Make sure the credit card or bank account associated with your paypal is good (right info and sufficient balance). The best way is to have the amount needed in your paypal account, so the purchase will go over smoothly.

3. Make sure the address associated with your paypal account is current.

4. Make sure you add colt83 at gmail to your contact list. That way, the shipping confirmation email will not get spammed.

Good luck and thanks for all the support. I hope this is all manageable for everyone. Please post questions in the comments so the answers can be seen by anyone who might have the same questions.

As many of you know, I partook in the LOST viral series that was featured on the website Damon, Carlton, and a Polar Bear. The series was for the hit TV show phenomenon LOST and involved sixteen artists creating posters that represented aspects of the show.

The posters were released one per week and preceded by clues that would reveal where the poster would debut, giving any savvy Lost fan the upper edge in collecting the whole series. The show having such rabid fans, the artists being largely high profile, and the coverage going viral, it is safe to say this series caught fire. Much of the series progression, the fan reactions, and other details can be seen at the LOST Args.

The last poster was revealed on 12/15/09 at the insanest party in town, the Lost Underground Art Project at 1988 Gallery.

All sixteen posters and new original art could be seen at the show. The gallery was packed shoulder to shoulder and people had been waiting outside since 5 pm on the previous day. People came from all over, even as far as Iowa and who knows where else to attend this awesome event.

Daniel Danger was one of the sixteen artists and he flew in from Massachusetts and stayed with me for a bit in order to make an appearance. We had good times because we are BFF’s, check it out. We rolled up together and hit the LOST Underground Art Project at 1988 early because we had to do interviews.

When Daniel and I tried to enter the gallery, we had to walk the line of Lost fans and they spotted Daniel and myself immediately. From then on, it was hours of interviews, meeting fans, signing autographs, and just being part of something spectacular.

I got to meet Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, as well as various other members of the LOST team. They were all as excited as me and Daniel were and were awesome enough to sign a copy of my poster for me. The entire time, the 1988 team were working at a frenzied pace, chihuahua style, rushing around and through people as shirts, art, and merch was flying off shelves.

Here are the interviews, news reports, and videos of the event, as many as I can find. If you have more links, please post in the comments.

G4 TV’s Coverage:

CNN’s Coverage:

The Official ABC Vodcast:

Lost Streaming Video (thanks LotteryTicket for shooting that):

My Poster, Doyles’, and Methane’s posters on Last Call w/ Carson Daly:

Video I Shot When I Left My Camera On and Walked Around Before the Doors Opened:

Video I Shot As the Doors Opened:

I am so glad I got a chance to be a part of the insanity and got to mix it up with the “Losties”. Thanks to all the folks who worked so hard to put this together and for everyone who showed up or added to the fever of this wild experience. I have a feeling that even though this event is over, the Losties will still be lifelong friends and remember that magical night for the rest of their lives.

Check out all the photos I took!

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