Kevin Tong Illustration Kevin Tong Illustration

Andrew Bird. . . oh yes.

Hey you guyyyyyyssssss! (Goonies reference)

The Andrew Bird Poster I did is currently up for sale, I dropped it into
My Online Store the other day.

I am really impressed with the printing on this one. Everything is perfect and it literally glows in sunlight.

The poster is 18 x 24 inches on Poptone Pink Lemonade French Paper in a limited signed and numbered edition of 150. There are four colors on this one and the price is $25. On the above slide show, click the icon at the bottom right corner to go full screen and get a really close look at the posters. I took some pro shots of it.

Power Thanks to Mitch at OMG posters for blogging about this too. Mitch rules.

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