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What's up with sold out posters?
Whenever something is marked sold out, that means that it is never going to be for sale on my website again. There are no exceptions and no reprints of any kind.
Do you take on commissioned work? What are your rates? Do you do private commissions?
Yes, thanks for asking. Please use the contact form to send me as much information as possible about your project, specifically regarding the work to be done and the deadline. Only serious offers will be considered.

I don't have fixed pay rates. Every deal is customized to the clients' specific goals.

Creating illustrations of unlicensed properties such as movies or bands is something I will not do.
I'm an aspiring illustrator, designer, or printer. I please get some pointers?
My youtube channel is full of process videos that literally shows what I'm doing. Also, I announce travels plans on my social media and blog, so coming to any of my events is a great time to ask questions.

Good luck with everything and don't give up!
I like a certain poster, can you offer it in different sizes?
With screen printed and limited edition work, it's not feasible to offer in different sizes due to the nature of the printing process and the limited run. When the prints first drop on my site, any available sizes (if any) would be announced from the beginning. I tend to use standard frame sizes like 18x24 and 24x36 for most of my work.
Is your work official?
Yes. I work directly with bands, films, and clients to create work that is officially commissioned/licensed.
Do you ever sell/display your posters at live events?
Yes! Every year I exhibit at various events. I'm there to meet and greet and I usually bring most of, if not all of the posters I have for sale, including ones that are not available online. I announce all events on my social media and blog. I will not provide a list of posters that I will be bringing.